Sites to visit often
Engadget is a great place to get your nerd on. This is my #1 site
BoingBoing is a popular blog that seems to have lost its edge
BBC News because you need a little balance in your news and you sure aren't finding that in the US!
Toxel reminds us that pure design can be a beautiful thing
LikeCool has a clean design and beautiful things to gaze longingly at
All Things Digital is just that, and they do it with panache
Digg for those times you feel you've surfed to the edge of the Interwebs and seen it all
Pitchfork because a life without music is really no life at all
BookOfJoe is on it fo sho!
The Dieline is a site for people who get excited by great product packaging
Notcot for your ideas and amusement
A Continuous Lean is a wonderful landing pad for people who love good things
Red Ferret well, ferrets out cool things sometimes missed by the other blogs
Crib Candy is aptly named and nicely laid out
Geeky Gadgets because Geeks do indeed love such things
The Cool Hunter is a great UK source of loveliness
The Green Head finds cool new stuff
HonestlyWTF casts a keen eye over strong visuals
Designboom because you may get off on the visual aspect of things
Neatorama covers things that'll make you glad you visited
GeeksAreSexy because they really kinda are you know?
Bored Panda for sure has your creative back!
Hypenotice seems to have the ability to weed out what the others often miss
Joe's Daily covers all manner of interesting things
The Awesomer because Awesome stuff is what we all want!
Lovely Stationary is, yes you guessed it, for the love of stationary
Retronaut exists because old can be cooler than you think
Gear Patrol reviews just about everything I'd buy if I were Richy Rich!
Colossal really does have a great eye for things
Cool Material occasionally finds a gem the others miss
GizMag is curiously named but does deliver a great look with often innovative new product discoveries
Animal based in New York covers just the wonder that is NY!
Uncrate because, well, you love gear, right?
Spoon & Tamago Japanese Culture
Beautiful/Decay covers the kind of art I can get behind
StreetSmartNews covers graffiti and murals and the like
Werd because they get the product goodness out there
The Day After You Die has an eye for boobies and the life well lived!
Robb Report where the 1% says Crash, what crash?
Gallivant because staying in one place is so passé!
This Is Why I'm Broke has some really great man-gadgets
The Japan Trend Shop because they really do produce such a lot of wonderful crap
Luxirare for rich folk who like even richer food!
KNSTRCT does carefully curated design news, and we need that!
HIGHSNOB really loves the rich and the ridiculous in life!
Bless This Stuff is yet another site that finds cool new things and presents them for our edification
The Burning House asks the important question, what would you take?
Everyday Carry reveals that American's carry numerous knives, in case of an impromptu knife fight?
Wooster Collective brings the best global street art into one place
The Selby does photo shoots at interesting peoples houses
Mrs Eaton is an industrial designer with a great eye for the coolness
Contemporist covers beautiful architecture, furniture and more
DesignRulz because it really does you know!
Inhabitat really tracks the coolness very well
Swiss Miss seems to pick up on coolness others haven't discovered
Design Observer is here because you can't be expected to discover the coolness alone
Born Rich is a blog for people literally drowning in moola
Cool Hunting reviews nice things to look at and ride on
PSFK is your go-to source for new ideas and inspiration

Sites to visit when you have time to get into the weeds!
SiliconValleyWatcher where have you been hiding al my life?
Japan Today has the Japanese news, in English, saweet!
Venturebeat gadgets offers a nicely opinionated review of new products
Gawker covers the store others seem to miss or want to miss
Valleywag offers a Silicon Valley view on tech scandals
Pocket-Lint is well laid out, covers topical things, is easy on the eyes and has editorial class
Know Your Meme is a great place to keep track of what's the trending meme out there!
Flavorwire exists because you and I desperately need more culture!
First World Problems is cutting and funny and just plain spot-on
NFC or Near Field Communications killed QR codes dead, you'll want this technology for sure!
Watchismo for the love of watches
ifixit for folk with Apple products who need parts or repairs
Clicker is for those folk who get their TV fix over broadband
TechFlash tracks Seattle's Tech scene rather well
KrebsOnSecurity is a truly fascinating dive into cyber crime and ATM skimmers.
Llifehacker where nice people empower us through their smarts
Tiny Houses are just brilliant, dontcha think?
Russian Facebook user with some arty memes

Little Boots playing my request, bless!
My #1 TV commercial, the quality is poor but the sentiment remains
Daniel Johnston - Living Life. I teared up watching him sing this live
I collected medlodicas, wish I could play like this

Great eats in Portland Oregon