Nigel Ballard Intel Creative Director

Nigel is an award winning Creative Marketing Director though he chooses not to do that anymore.

Originally from the United Kingdom, he now lives in Prineville, Oregon.

He was awarded the Homeland Defense top award and received American Red Cross recognition for his leadership during the Katrina disaster. When the 2010 Haiti earthquake struck he was asked by Executive Office of The White House to assist in the relief and recovery effort. He is also a Fed 100 winner.

Prior to running Federal Marketing for Intel for the last ten years, he spent twenty years acting as a Corporate Strategist across Europe and the US. He authored the wireless framework for Portland's citywide Wi-Fi network RFP.

Nigel worked as a consultant on the development of the first commercially successful PDA, namely the Palm Pilot, for CEO Donna Dubinsky, then went on to work with Sony Japan on handheld computing devices. Before moving to the USA in 2000, he managed Bluetooth globally for Cap Gemini out of France.

His career passions included business strategy, creative breakthrough marketing, biosensor technology and mobility to name but a few. He is known for thinking out the box, tracking the zeitgeist and trying hard to stay ahead of the puck.

But that was then and this is now, and now means living in Central Oregon, pretending to be a cowboy and spending my time volunteering in the community.

Nigel is a member of the Crook County Sheriff's Search & Rescue Team


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Nigel is a certified Electronic Search Specialist with the Crook County Sheriff's Department


Nigel is a member of ARES/RACES


Nigel is a volunteer school reader for SMART


Nigel is a certified Search & Rescue Merit Badge coordinator

Boy Scoits of America SAR Merit Badge

Nigel is a member of the Mosaic Medical Patient Advisory Council (PAC)

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